Facebook Ad Experiment

I’ve created and managed Google Adword campaigns for clients on a number of occasions, but two things prompted me to give Facebook Ads a try:

  1. there are soon going to be a billion people using Facebook
  2. people on Facebook are in a more receptive “make a connection” mindset than people using a search engine.

At least that’s my gut.

When I search on Google I’m on my way to someplace else. Google’s just the pass through and I may or may not slow down to notice the targeted ads it displays. But when I’m attending to my Facebook News Feed, I linger. I’m in the company of family and friends with no place I’d rather be.  I’m hanging out, and those ads with images on the right side of my page tend to catch my eye.

So, this week I’m running a Facebook Ad for Pinpoint Parachute Marketing. Budget: $25. Duration: 5 days. Let’s see if my ad produces any results whatsoever on such a small investment.

I selected the following criteria for when it should be displayed. I’m starting broad knowing that I can narrow my focus. Facebook tells me:

This ad targets 1,327,960 users:

  • who live in the United States
  • between the ages of 35 and 64 inclusive
  • who graduated from college
  • who speak English (US)
  • who are in the category Small Business Owners

The hyperlinked ad looks like this:




I chose to pay for clickthroughs instead of impressions because I’m more interested in engaging people on my site than building brand awareness.  I’m starting with a bid limit of $2 a clickthrough.

Update on results to come…

(About Facebook Ads)

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6 Responses to Facebook Ad Experiment

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    Thank you. I’ll do my best!

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